Hello and welcome to Reactivate Pilates! We believe in a clinical view to Pilates to ensure you are creating long lasting changes to your body and mind.

As APPI qualified Pilates instructors, we have been helping to transform our clients approach to fitness and equip them with the tools to translate their learning on the mat to daily life activities. Through our teaching combined with their own practice, they are becoming fitter, healthier versions of themselves. 

Regardless of age, gender, injury or fitness level we can help convert you to loving Pilates as much as we do!

Online Classes

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Live Classes each week day 

Available anywhere, anytime

1:1 & 2:1

During these sessions you have the undivided attention of your instructor meaning you can go at your own pace, make modifications and refine your technique

Mat Classes

We keep a small number of clients per class to ensure we can provide more individualised attention whilst providing a space for you to to exercise with friends/meet new people

The Team

Carys started her Pilates training with APPI in 2017, completing her matwork level 3 and going on to do a CPD course for Kids and Teens and spinal surgery. Carys has taught a number of one to ones, small group classes and larger classes for 6th form students at Churchers College in Petersfield. She has taught people that have been recovering/ recovered from a range of injuries including but not limited to; total knee replacement, arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction and spinal surgery. As well as teaching Pilates with the goal of rehab and returning to other sports, she has taught clients that are fit and well through from beginner to advanced, of all ages from office workers, gym goers, competitive footballers, skiers and horse riders to name but a few, through to retired and more senior clients.


Leanne is our Graduate Sports Therapist. Following completion of her degree in Sports Therapy at the University of Chichester, she wanted to further develop ways to rehabilitate her patients. Leanne believes that APPI's method of adapting exercises, facilitated her need to rehabilitate clients in specific areas to get them back to full working fitness and provide an overall exercise regime. She particularly enjoys the way Joseph Pilates had a particular emphasis on control throughout performing a movement, to focus ones mind and body, enabling them to work harmoniously together. Leanne is APPI Matwork Level 3 trained, she has worked alongside many sports teams, including men and womens rugby and football, guiding them through rehab and found this is a great way of strengthening both the large and smaller muscles, enabling them to return back to playing competitively.


I started Pilates with Carys as a complete beginner after a lower back injury was preventing me from being active. She was able to tailor the sessions to my level and work around other injuries to provide fun and challenging workouts that quickly improved my strength and confidence with moving again. Carys is a fantastic teacher who is warm, welcoming and always full of enthusiasm and motivation; I couldn't recommend her highly enough to anyone!